Stage Shows

Our shows take your audience on a journey into the infinite world of rhythm. The guests can not only be passive spectators, but you can also have your audience become part of the musical spectacle in some parts of the show. How much? You decide that yourself. Our two show formats show humor, precision, musical skill, harmony and rhythm and create a sound and community experience that has never before existed through interaction with the audience! Be part of it and let yourself be carried off on an unusual drum trip.

Percussion show in a class of its own


A thundering drum and percussion roller coaster full of precision, wit and acrobatics. Huge drums are combined with tiny attributes, steaming rhythms alternate with deafening silence and hilarious jokes are combined with ballads. An interactive and breathtaking show performance ...

The rhythmic dinner show


WORLD of DINNER and DRUM OLÉ invite you to a first-class interactive dinner with punch power! Enjoy a delicious menu and experience a musical spectacle that is guaranteed to tear you from your seats.