At our DRUM OLE drum workshops, top artists provide a rhythmic experience that literally pulls your entire team off their seats. Since 2010 we are one of the leading providers of interactive drum events with our different concepts. The special feature of our drum workshops is that we use inventions we have developed at the events. At our drum shows, we interact with audiences and can involve everyone present in the shows as needed with our instruments.

We offer the following drum workshops:


Interactive event with cajon chairs

At DRUM OLE interactive, we equip your location with our unique music chairs (= Cajon chairs) for each guest! These music chairs are as comfortable as a normal chair and look stylish. No matter if it's a gala or a conference: her location gets a great character. With these chairs, the artists of DRUM OLÉ create an interactive show performance with your team. Pure surprise!


Drum workshop on the Cajon Stools

Our music stools can be used as loungy seating and are also a good sounding musical instrument (= Cajon)! Each guest sits on our stools and experiences a drum workshop with our artists, which is only to be experienced in this form at DRUM OLÉ.

Cajon for playing on the thigh or while standing

Drum-Show with bodybox

The bodybox can be played while sitting or standing and is therefore very versatile applicable to events! Put this, e.g. comfortably under the chair or hand it over at the event, if you want to surprise your team with a drum event at short notice.

With our event shakers

Event shaker in own design

In this interactive performance, we enable your team to build their own shaker, which can be used to elicit cool sounds. The Shaker - which is made of cardboard - you can print with your logo and is a welcome give-away!

Drum workshops for children and families

Drum garden with children

You are looking for your summer party or for your Roadshow the right supporting program for the expected children and families? We design different drum workshops as well as children's programs that fit your circumstances!