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The Drumming Event which makes Children’s Hearts Leap with Joy

Are you planning a sommer fair or a roadshow where children are the main audience or might be present with their parents? We from DRUM OLE have a wide range of drumming shows available that were especially developed to cater to children. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will craft the perfect concept for your event!

  • DRUM OLE can deliver different stations which offer a variety of activities for the children like drumming, handicrafts, coloring and more!
  • Suited for roadshows, sommer fairs, street festivals etc.
  • This event is all about fun, community and joy for your small but distinguished guests: The children will be able to improve their attention span and awareness of others ability through drumming. They can also create and color their very own Bastelrassel or enjoy the new Biff Baff board game.
  • The workshop is easily set up, doesn’t take away much space and was developed to fully function with just two people.
  • By enjoying the multiple stations play stations the children will develop a more keen sense of rhythm.
  • DRUM OLE Kids can be done in just 30 minutes or an entire day. This event was designed for up to 1.500 participants

Visit us also on www.trommelgarten.de


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