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Drum-Show with Cajon-Chairs

DRUM OLE interactive with Cajon-Chairs
Unique Event-Concept with our music-chairs on your event

To make a DRUM OLE interactive event with our music chairs the entire hall is fully equipped with our patented music chairs. The Cajon-Chairs impress with design and comfort. The name music chair comes from the fact that in every piece of furniture a cajon (= Spanish drums) is integrated. Invisible to the eye - a huge surprise effect for your guests. Under the guidance of the musicians, the guests will get to know this unique instrument.

  • Your entire location will be provided with the Music-Chairs.
  • Now you are probably wondering what is Music Furniture? The answer is both simple and yet ingenious. Our patented Music Chairs don’t just serve as a comfortable place to sit but they can also be used as an instrument. The reason for this is that we have integrated a Cajon underneath.
  • During a DRUM OLE interactive show every participant is either sitting on one of the instruments or alternatively places the Bodybox onto his or her lap. But don’t worry they are all very easy to play so it does not require any kind of prior knowledge.
  • Additionally your guest won’t even know that they are sitting on an instrument which guaranties a rewarding surprise effect.
  • Once the show starts the DRUM OLE performers will introduce the instrument to the audience until they become a full functioning rock band. This interactive event ensures an incredible music-experience due to the number of participants and the potential of the instrument.
  • This type of performance can take from 15 minutes to one hour according to your wishes.
  • This event was designed for up to 1.500 participants!

Videotrailer DRUM OLÉ interactive with music-chairs

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