At our team building events, we'll delight your team for hours with music, rhythm and creativity, awe-inspiring, communicative, challenging your team, and creating joy and fun. With all the concepts you will experience an incredible sound experience, as everyone will be involved in the events and play together with the artists. Here we show you that your employees can work together perfectly and play together the same rhythm and tact.

We offer the following teambuilding events:

Cajon kit workshop followed by a drum workshop

Team Event Cajon Construction

Ever wanted to build your own musical instrument and are looking for a real team building event for companies? Here you build your own musical instrument (= Cajon) in a team, then paint it and experience a drum workshop. Discover your sense of rhythm with your team!

Cardboard stool as a musical instrument

Team event with cardboard cajons

At DRUM OLE interactive, we will equip your event with our cardboard cajons including digital printing. Individually for your event, we produce your own design of a stool, where you can elicit cool sounds. The Papphocker are very stable and can be perfectly integrated into any event!

Cajon stool

Classic drum workshop

Our music stools can be used as loungy seating and are also a good sounding musical instrument (= Cajon)! Each guest sits on our stools and experiences a drum workshop with our artists, which is only to be experienced in this form at DRUM OLÉ.


Your team becomes a rock band!

Clear the stage for your corporate band. We turn your entire staff into an unbelievably musical band and write your own company song with your team. In different music workshops, a company song is created for your company.