Let’s Rock your Company Song!

The idea behind this teambuilding exercise is simple and yet brilliant: The connection between your staff and their company will be strengthened by developing a new song based on the firm they are working for. To achieve this goal the workshop is split into two parts. First of all the participants are divided into three teams. Every group will learn the basic musical skills to perform the song and develop parts of it for example the lyrics. The second part consists of bringing the three groups back together and combining the skills they have learnt to perform the new song.

  • DRUM OLE Rockband is all about music and excitement!
  • Turn your team into an impressive rockband and experience different workshops which will teach you all the necessary skills to perform your own song and increases the team spirit.
  • One should not forget: A functioning rockband is basically a role model for a creative and responsive company. Just like in a band an employee should have his/her personal responsibilities and assignments which in the end have to come together to make an exemplary product..
  • This event is all about forming group identity. That is why it is the perfect way to bring different departments in your company together.
  • The duration of DRUM OLE Rockband can be varied between two and six hours.
  • This event was designed for up to 1.500 participants

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