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Team-Event with Cardboard-Cajons

with cardboard cajon (= cardboard music stool)

A rhythm experience that literally tears your entire team off the stool!

Experience an unforgettable drum workshop, where each guest plays on our cardboard cajons, which also serve as a give-away gift for your employees. Our cardboard stools, which are also a rhythm instrument for drumming, are folded on the spot for a short time (1-2 minutes of setup time) and then you can already start the drum workshop.

The cardboard cajons sound first-class and can withstand a weight of up to 150 kg. The music stools made of cardboard are delivered as standard in white with the size W 35cm x D 35cm x H 46 cm and can also be painted if required or be placed with a sticker to a "big picture". So you could, for example, Implement your company logo graphically on your event. Talk to us about this.

We are happy to implement your individual cardboard stool in full-scale digital printing with their own design / logo. We can implement these even from the smallest quantities.

  • Equip your event (conference, conference, gala event, party, etc.) with our music stools made of cardboard.
  • The cardboard stools are very stable and can be built up within seconds. Of course, we can also set up and set up all cardboard stools in advance at your event so that no guest has to set them up themselves.
  • The sound of the stool corresponds to a normal cajon (drum) and is equipped with a unique snare system, which creates an incomparable snare and basson.
  • The cardboard stools are printed with your logo / design. So your message stays sustainable!
  • Our artists from DRUM OLÉ then create an interactive show performance with your team. Your team will become an awesome rock band and experience an incredible sound experience, as everyone will be part of the show and play along with the artists on the music furniture.
  • Duration of show performance between 15-120 minutes.
  • No limitation of the number of participants!

Videotrailer DRUM OLÉ interactive with Music-Stool

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